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Genopets - Pokemon-Go & Tamagotchi Move2Earn game on Solana | NFT-game

Published on 03 Aug 2022 / In Gaming

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Official Genopets Discord (My username: Kryptopilotin | ROG)

Official Genopets website + waiting list

Genopets is a free Move2Earn NFT role-playing game inspired by Pokemon-Go and Tamagotchi. At the beginning of the game, each player can hatch a free Baby Genopet, which accompanies you throughout the game. Much like Pokemon, Genopets grow stronger and evolve through targeted training. The game is driven by the steps you take in everyday life. Your steps generate energy, which you can use to level up your Pokemon or perform other actions in the game. A genopet's home is a habitat that unlocks additional game mechanics at the same time. For example, with a Habitat you can earn the $KI token or craft valuable NFTs and SFTs that you can sell on Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace. There is more information about the game in the video.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 - Introduction - What is Genopets? Move2Earn NFT-game
1:21 - Disclaimer (No Financial Advice)
1:40 - This is what you can expect on my YouTube channel!
2:03 - Move2Earn NFT-game like Pokemon-Go
2:25 - Genopets & habitats
2:58 - Genopets - What can the Blockchain Pokemon do?
3:33 - What is a genesis genopet?
4:06 - Habitats & their function as well as earning potential
4:47 - Crystals & terraform seeds - SFTs
5:16 - Tokenmoics - Dual-Token-System - $KI & $GENE Token
5:50 - Genopets gameplay
6:23 - Genopets roadmap - current phase: private beta
7:02 - Genopets roadmap - next phase: public beta
7:31 - Genopets roadmap - last phase: whole game
7:56 - Thx to the whole genopets community

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